Low Cost Laboratory Fume Cupboard

Our latest Aero range of fume cupboard is proving to be our best-selling product. Designed for everyday use in the modern laboratory it features an inner chamber one-piece moulded from GRP, offering many advantages over the standard materials offered by our competitors. Available in a range of sizes and designs.

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Energy Saving Fume Cupboards

Save energy and reduce running costs with our top tips and energy-efficient fume cupboard control systems.
Maximise your building’s BREEAM credit score and meet the recommendations of GPG 320.

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Laboratory Fume Cupboards

Fumair AeroExcel laboratory fume cupboards are built to last a lifetime against the harshest of uses, whilst providing class-leading levels of containment and safety.
Constructed with our unique one-piece moulded GRP chambers, fascias and sides (we are the only UK manufacturer to offer this as standard), our fume cupboards include a 10-Year parts and labour warranty (conditions apply).

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Energy-Saving Control Systems

We manufacture airflow monitors, alarms and fan control systems, designed to maximise energy-saving, performance, safety and reliability. Constant Volume (CAV) and Variable Volume (VAV) controls are available for all makes and models of fume cupboard and LEV, both new and existing.

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Fume Extract Ductwork and Fans

A correctly designed and installed fume extraction system will not only greatly increase the safety, performance and efficiency of a fume containment or capture system, but will also minimise running costs and noise levels. Fumair offer a complete design, installation and commisisoning service for all fume extraction and LEV systems.

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Energy Saving Solutions

Energy-saving products and tips to instantly reduce costs without compromising safety.
Minimise environmental impact and maximise BREEAM credit points.

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Who We Are

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Modern Products – Traditional Values

40 years of passion, quality and good old-fashioned customer service has made Fumair the preferred fume cupboard system provider for many of the most prestigious teaching and research laboratories in the UK.

About Fumair


“They are a company that cares, that provide the right product for the task… As standard they go that extra mile.”

“Fumair are a font of technical specialist knowledge…”

“Fumair Ltd have provided Oxford University with an excellent range of fume cupboards for a number of years.”

“We were very impressed with Fumair’s technical staff and their knowledge and determination to solve our very specific extraction issues. “

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