Airflow Monitors, Alarms & Control Systems

Fume cupboard airflow monitors, alarms and control systems, designed to improve the performance, safety, reliability and energy-efficiency of the equipment they serve.

Fumair FlowMaster

An advanced, energy-saving, all-in-one fume cupboard airflow monitor, alarm system and fan speed controller, featuring:

fume cupboard airflow monitor and alarm system

Fumair FlowMaster

  • Large, high-visibility LED dot-matrix alphanumeric display
  • 3-digit display of average face velocity with scrolling messages for clear, concise description of all events and key presses
  • Audible and visual alarms for airflow failure, sash overheight and mains failure
  • Multiple running speed outputs* for energy-efficient operation
  • Multiple idle speeds* to provide 24/7 low-level ventilation¬† – essential for ventilated chemical storage cabinets
  • Programmable Alarm Mute and Emergency Boost keys
  • Programmable service alarm and self-test
  • Multiple programmable inputs and outputs
  • 2 programmable spare buttons
  • Wipe-clean membrane operator keypad
  • Manufactured in the UK by Fumair

* Speed changes only possible with the use of a suitable inverter drive

Fume cupboard airflow alarm and indicator

FumeGuard Airflow Monitor


Fumair FumeGuard

Our low-cost airflow monitor, alarm system and fan control system designed for fume cupboards but versatile enough to be fitted to any new or existing LEV or extract equipment. Features include:

  • High visibility coloured LED scale representing airflow
  • Audible and visual alarms for airflow failure, sash over-height and mains failure
  • Delay off to purge the fume cupboard of fumes
  • Self test key
  • Service alarm to warn the user the fume cupboard is due a service visit
  • Remote on/off feature for control via BMS or time switch
  • Keypad lock facility, to prevent unauthorised use
  • Volt-free relay outputs for airflow-fail and airflow-proven
  • 5-minute alarm mute (sash over-height alarm only)
  • Manufactured in the UK by Fumair


More information on our controllers is available on our Downloads page.