Fume Cupboard VAV (Variable Volume) Controls

Fume Cupboard VAV (variable volume) controls are designed to save energy by reducing the amount of air extracted by a fume cupboard.

Extracting less air means less replacement air is needed.  It is the heating, cooling and conditioning of this replacement air that uses the majority of  energy associated with running a fume cupboard.

As a fume cupboard sash is lowered, the opening area is reduced and  less volume of air is required to provide the same velocity of air across the opening. A fume cupboard VAV control monitors the height of the sash or the face velocity and adjusts the extract volume accordingly, using a fast-acting motorised damper or similar.

Fume cupboard VAV energy saving control

VAV Control Valve

Fumair can supply and install fume cupboard VAV control systems as part of a new laboratory installation. Equally, we can install VAV controls retrospectively to existing fume cupboards as part of an energy-saving exercise.

As well as the controls themselves we offer a number of ancillary items designed to maximise the energy savings VAV control bring, items such as:

  • Auto sash closure devices and reminders
  • Supply air and room pressure controls
  • VAV bleed branches and dampers
  • Extract manifold systems

 VAV is not always a cost-effective method of controlling a fume cupboard. Certain conditions must be met in order to truly benefit from the energy savings they offer. Please contact us for further advice.