Fume Extraction Ductwork & Fans

A well-designed and installed fume extraction system will not only greatly increase the safety, performance and efficiency of your fume cupboard or LEV device, but will also minimise running costs and noise levels.

fume extraction Ductwork System

Fume Extract Systems

Fumair use full-time employed teams of highly experienced and conscientious fume extraction engineers to design, supply and install extract systems in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of BS:EN14175, HVCA DW/154, BB:88 and other relevant standards.

We carefully select the right material for the job, be it uPVC, fire-retardant polypropylene, stainless steel or GRP laminate. Where practical we use readily available circular duct, but for installations where irregular size/shape duct is necessary we fabricate in-house to suit requirements.

Fume extraction pipe and fittings are complemented by a complete range of ancillary items, including attenuators, anti-blowback valves, volume control dampers, fire collars, weathering cravats and bespoke stack support bracketry and posts, etc.

Fume Extract Fan

Fume Extract Fan


Fume Extract Fans

Fumair supply and install fume extract fans as part of the complete package. We can choose from a wide range of centrifugal, bifurcated or in-line extract fans to best suit the installation, complimented by a number of ancillary items to optimise ease of installation and performance, including steel support bracketry, isolators, flexible connections and transformation pieces.

Fume extract fans can be supplied with starters and control systems as required, including our very popular energy-saving inverter control systems. See our airflow monitors and control systems page for more information.

For help and advice with designing an extract system or selecting a fan please contact us.